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Are you as a power bodybuilder completely satisfied with the size and power of your muscles?

I can tell you that quite a few of the people, especially the younger ones, who visit Power-Bodybuilding.com ask me, "How do I get a massive body?" or "How do I build up a bulky, powerful physique?"

These are the most common appeals for training guidance I hear on an almost day to day basis. These folks tell me practically the same story: "I have tried some of the muscle gaining routines that are published in various mainstream bodybuilding magazines, but I don't know where to begin." "Sometimes there is so much information that it's hard to put into practice because the workouts are too long in duration. I don't have time to use all the exercises and the program overall makes me work too hard."

Well, if you're are not completely satisfied with your training results so far, then checkout our supplements & steroid alternatives, workouts, hints and tips about gaining muscle bulk and power for both the beginner to advanced power bodybuilder. Also be sure to sign up for my Free Power Bodybuilding Tips Newsletter.

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